Ping, a social network for music.

by Lance on September 2, 2010

Apple Ping

Introducing the new iTunes with Ping. Apple is finally entering the social network arena with a niche service all for music, all built-in using iTunes. My first impression:

  • Mainly inspired by Zune Network and Last.FM
  • Apple dropped a hint on the upcoming iOS 10.7 GUI by making the traffic lights button aligned vertically?
  • Muted icons on the left sidebar
  • I don’t like the new checkbox input, is this the next version of Aqua?
  • Taken cues from the iTunes player in iPad
  • Apparently, Ping is only available on few markets as of launch: US, UK, and etc. you’ll get an annoying error (I can’t believe Apple is still showing this machine only error codes!)

With the media event yesterday, Apple did some subtle changes to its website too. You’ll notice that they added a noise texture with gradient effect on the background, and their rounded corners seems to be trimmed down from 7px to 5px radius. Who knows what’s upcoming? One thing is certain though, iTunes GUI is usually related to the next update on OSX, iTunes 9 gave a hint about the GUI in Snow Leopard.

Now, enough. Here’s the direct download link to iTunes 10.

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