Dear Junior Designer

by Lance on April 25, 2014

You’re damn talented. But in your eagerness to prove it, you sometimes rush toward a solution. You pluck an idea from the branch and throw it onto the plate before it has time to ripen. Don’t mistake speed for precocity: the world doesn’t need wrong answers in record time. Cennydd Bowles’ Letter to a Junior Designer

Selling is frowned upon by a lot of people. It’s true: no one likes to be sold to badly, nor enjoys being interrupted unnecessarily. But being sold to well, by a good salesperson, is an experience that benefits both seller and buyer.  – Andrew Clarke’s A Different Letter to A Junior Designer

When was the last time you stop doing something and look at your craft in the long run? Experience teaches you well but it also wears you down. At times I can feel the tenacity and enthusiasm I once had was no longer there anymore.

I remember how my first creative lead asked me who was my favorite designers. I can be certain I answered “none”. I was a clean slate back then. Eager to explore the possibilities and still trying now.